The Trail of Hearts

by Her Undulating Scales

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released February 14, 2011

Written, performed and recorded by Paige Lawrence at Queen of Hearts Studios, Austin, TX and Dark Heart Studios, Oakland, CA between November 2010 and February 2011.

Cover Photo by SooozyQ []

Created with Reason 4, Cubase, WaveLab and Garageband using AKG & Audix mics, M-Audio preamps and the Apple iMac

For inspiration, advice, perspective, friendhsip and support my very special thanks go to: Johna Goldenflame, Kirby White, Dusty Paik, Nina Castaneda, Lisa Hyde, Raven Ebner, Jodi Waseca, Elizabeth Bast, Heather Dale, Greg Burton, Jay Sittler, Jenneviere Villegas, Jospeh Ramirez, Patrick Strider, Andrea Costantino, Raven Gustafik, Lucci the mighty Lucci, Keri Langwell, David King, The Melting Girl, Steven Guillory, Jason Luce, Andrew Nardinelli, Shamika Baker, Susanna Goldenstein, The Razor Skyline, Ed Clare, Beats Antique, The Silk Road Caravan, After The Apex, Patricia Cram, Steve Joyner, Andrea Thorpe, Cereza Barber, Kalico DeLaFey, Kevin Cloud, Alwyn L’Hoir, Rachel Brice, Jamila Salimpour, Cera Byer, Kate Bower and Ms. Kate Russo

This album is dedicated to you all with my love, affection & heart ♥ ❤ ❥



all rights reserved


Her Undulating Scales Oakland, California

My name is Paige Lawrence & I'm a male belly dancer. For 15 years I was a singer & guitarist in various metal/industrial bands in the Bay Area & then I discovered tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Her Undulating Scales is a place for the muses to stop along their gossamer way and sing to me; when I'm paying attention, I press record. Here you will find the songs I'm lucky enough to hear along my way.. ... more

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Track Name: Bembe'
Go, go, go to the jungle

Sometimes the rain keeps falling;
outside the jungle's calling
Now will you face this darkness down?
My darling
Track Name: Darjinka's Broken Lister
D♥n’t try running around singing the same s♥ng hoping it will work out.
I told you my darling, you hide in the d♥ylight.
Quit kicking and stalling; now what did you s♥y?
Track Name: 6 Gauge
It’s so cold, inside; I can’t keep going all night
Hanging here, stretching skin; feeling pain from where the hooks got put in
I see you & I cry, as we spin I pray to God you don’t....
Then my flesh starts to rip, and I try but you’re just out of my grip

Mistaken, Falling, Calling Her name
Keep shaking & stalling the game
I’m breaking; recalling; feeling the pain
Keep gripping, but slipping away

I’m so scared, hooks so deep; I’d give my everything to see you safely falling asleep
I can’t walk alone, until I’m dead; I can’t mark day & night by how much I weep
Was I clear? Was I bad? Did you hear me when I swore to God I’d stay til we’re dead?
despite emptiness, despite the look on their faces; I’m still standing here to do what I said

Was I
Mistaken, Falling, Calling Her name
Keep shaking & stalling the game
I’m breaking; recalling; feeling the pain
Keep gripping, but slipping away
Track Name: Her Wings
When it all starts falling apart
(what do you do, what do you do)
A pain only comes like this but once in a life
(what do you do, what do you do)
I cry everyday and I cry every night
(what do you do, what do you do)
I shiver with fear afraid of losing it all
(what do you do, what do you do)

I think there’s only one solution that will come guaranteed
picture the car & the crash & the flames and release
I picture mother & father; I picture Rachel & Johna;
I picture Dusty & Keri & Cera; I picture Ariellah
Picture my family & my neighbors and friends;
I see my nieces all crying and I can’t add to their pain
I get to thinking that the walls are falling in on my mind
this was nice, did I maybe just misinterpret the signs
I see them hearing the news; I see them falling apart
I tell myself just to breathe & to cry & hold on
and though my brother is dead, I feel his hand on my shoulder
he’s saying, “only at the bottom will you see what you’re made of”

I’m kneeling at the edge of a pool made of light
and I can barely see the reason to remain in the fight
but I stand on my feet and my form catches fire
and I remember that my family is a Warriors line
and I remember I’m the kind of man that raises his children
the kind that faces the fire because you stand by your woman
I think of liars and players and all the damage they do
I think what every single woman that I love has been through
I think of all the mistrust and the pain that they hold
I think of all the honest men still sitting home and alone

What do you do?
To find a way of making peace in these times
I went my self unto the Goddess’s shrine
Made my apologies for all of these crimes
for every man whose every raised a violent hand to your line
Never been stuck between defeated and driven
sometimes I can’t believe the world we live in
punching the clock is not a choice I was given
not with all the damaged angels in the choir I live in

I’ll keep fighting for every damaged Angel in the Choir I live in
Track Name: the waiting room
Now we’re facing the end of our time
I’ve been stepping away so you don’t see me cry
want to sit by your side with my grace on
feeling fear is a pain when there’s no time
I remember you said to be patient
I’m ashamed of the way I behaved
I wanted to give you everything that I am
lead you through darkness share the load if I can
it seemed like a dream, sweet & sacred
I’ll remember your waking face always

Keeping faith will be hard if you’re gone
I can taste all we shared, I can
Peeling skin from frustration again
I can’t stand on my own in such pain
Come on breathe baby breathe I can’t stand it
Come on breathe honey breathe you can make it

see the numbers falling
see the numbers falling

I said breathe baby breathe and quit stalling
have no fear; I’m in here there’s no distance
Love’s a starlight; it doesn’t extinguish

I’m asleep, I’m awakened by shaking
and I know that the moment has come
then I look I see nurses all smiling
and they tell me she’s fine; numbers climbing
I fall to my knees

I pray to God everyday: ”I see the evil we spread
I trade my life to save hers; just let this blessed girl live”
and you did...